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Novak are an experimental pop group from Birmingham, England, UK. They've created a bit of a storm with their poptastic choons! So what do they sound like? The 'Boring lazy Journalist Slag' answer is 'a British, female fronted Mercury Rev'. In truth they're a lot more interesting than that. Well what do you think they sound like? A pink pop take on 'Bone Machine' era Tom Waits, with flutes. Although if as someone once said 'Writing about music is like dancing about architecture' I appear to have fallen over!

This site now contains the MP3 file of Silver Seas, which should answer any 'what do they sound like questions' Warning it's rather large (7MB) Thanks to Dominic Earworm and Mr. Hepburn for their kind premission Click here for the file, and Enjoy!

And the name? Well they liked Kim Novak's name, so they nicked it!




It's now official

According to sources close to the group, they felt that things had 'Gone Stale'.

"hey, breaking up is an idea that has occured to far too few groups. sometimes to the wrong ones."

- Big Black


There are still many rumours about many of the group are working together, and a part of this 'New-Vak' intend releasing material by the end of this (2000) summer. It is unknown at this point if this will go under the name of "A Touch of Latin".


Coming Soon! (Stop me if you've heard that one before...) A load of pictures generously lent to me from Alan from Bearos records. Thanks Alan. And to CJH for scanning them in. (If, and when he can be bothered that is....)

Note: 'New-Vak' is the invention of Alan Farmer remains his copyright and is not an official name of any future groups, and is quiet funny if you ask me.



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